Public opinion Polling and Voting intention Studies

Exclusive Methodology

Our exclusive methodology allows us to access to thousands of people in every city of the country and also perform studies of public opinion according to age, gender, NSE and region.

We are not a panel (-we avoid sample bias via self-selection-) we work with ad hoc recruitment, through a simple random selection over 35 million Social Media users in Argentina.

We work with interviewee training on the different social media, accomplishing a more substantial and representative sample than you can obtain via telephone.

This gives us the opportunity to represent every age group, from 16 to over 75 year old people. We are also able to cover all the socio-economic, low, medium and high levels; wider than any telephone studies permit.

Our online fields for public opinion allow the adjustment of fees according to:

  • Gender.
  • Age (Propely represented in all age groups)
  • Socio-economic level.
  • Region.

Maximun rate of advance

We can perform up to 2.700 cases in a day for each million voters.

We can perform Exit Polls Surveys

with partial results in different timetables.

We are able to work in every city of the country. (From 10.000 inhabitants).

Our coverage includes people from 16 to 80 years old.

We cover all the socio economic levels from D2 to C1 as well as all the Education Levels.

We work at high speed, with experience on more than 2000 cases in 24 hours for cities with more than 120.000 inhabitants.

Our tool supports 25 minute surveys, allowing the use of images and videos.

Everything at reasonable costs.

We can do it in every part of the world