Who are we?


Twenty years conducting market and opinion research projects throughout Latin America.

We have offices in Argentina and Paraguay. We also count on our assistant associates from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panamá and Chile. As a group, we have a deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasy and culture of different countries from Latin America.

Furthermore, we not only have a strong commitment with our job but we also work with a correct selection, plan and application of research methodology. The latter, allowed us to give our clients trustworthy and precise data in each one of the projects given to Latam Research Group.


To provide quality, trustworthy and precise information of Latin American markets so that our clients can substantiate and optimize their commercial and strategic decisions.


· Professional commitment

· Respect for methodologies

· Permanent innovation

· Global vision from a Latin American perspective

· Ethics and transparency

· Approach focusing on the client’s necessity

· Cordiality and friendship in human relationships


in All Latin America
Our Expertise:

We have conducted campaigns in:

Customer Satisfaction
Post Tests


Engineer Arturo Manuel Pizarro

Engineer and Master’s degree in Business Administration (UCema). Postgraduate degree in Consumer’s Psychology. More than twelve years designing and coordinating research throughout Latin America for the most important market research companies. Arturo teaches “Market Research” and “Competitive Strategies” at the Gastón Dachary University. He is also teacher of “Strategic Management” at the Universidad del Salvador.



Our work philosophy

We are aware of how important it is for your company a quality service, information fidelity and control over conducted works. It is for that reason that we provide transparency in our services.

Whenever your work with us, you will be able to supervise 100% of our job, receiving the results in SPSS o Excel format. Moreover, you will receive daily reports on production and will be able to access the surveys audios online. Additionally, we allow online monitoring of our pollsters so you that you can see how they are working on your company.

In Latam Research we understand that our function is to optimize the results of your campaigns. Physical distance will not represent a difficulty because we rely on cutting-edge technological platforms that allow real time monitoring of our operators, as if they were working in your own company. We will also take charge of communication costs necessary to keep in contact with your enterprise.


We respect the requested methodologies.


We are commited in every job, fulfilling requirements in due course.


We are aware of the tasks we can fulfill and the ones we cannot


We actually understand the meaning of the word CONFIDENTIAL

Multi-nation Projects

For multi nation projects, where the studies are global or regional, our systems allow us to work directly within the platforms of your company. For instance, we can generate a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with our clients’ servers in the country they are in.
We can perform training in situ, not only in our offices but also in our partners’ offices throughout Latin America.
This is an open-door company so we can receive supervision visits every time our clients consider convenient.