CATI – IVR Phone Surveys Center

We are proud of not being a “call center”. We are a phone survey center.

Different from a call center, our whole team works exclusively for the realization of surveys. We count on highly trained operators in the subject, fact that gives us a better understanding of our clients’ requirements. Our theoretical and pragmatic experience and the use of a CATI platform, highly recognized in the market, gives us the chance to guarantee an excellent application of phone surveys, respecting the parameters and methodologies requested by our clients.

In Latam Research Group, we understand our clients’ necessity of keeping permanent contact and relying on online information. We provide:

  • Immediate response to quotation requests.
  • We are available 12 hours a day from our telephones, mobiles, Skype or e-mail.
  • We send daily reports on the field progress).
  • We possess a platform that allow us permanent remote monitoring of our job.

Resources • Platform • Capacity


We have 20 positions working full-time in Paraguay with our highly trained pollsters who guarantee the best quality in the application of survey and trustworthy collecting data.

It is important to point out that because our offices are in a bordering area, the distance between the two offices is a 20 minute drive, crossing a bridge. This allows all the critical training tasks, supervision and audits to be exclusively performed by Argentinian staff who are trained in that same country.

The team is formed by a supervisor out of 10/15 operators. Supervisors are permanently monitoring the general progress of the campaign, cases, fees and the individual performance of the pollsters. Finally, the interviews are supervised following a strict protocol of internal control over quality.

Every position is equipped with computers and internet connection with dedicated access which guarantees the stability of our connections and audio quality.


The systems for the realization of phone surveys with operators or IVR are composed by two platforms which work in parallel to guarantee the quality in the studies with greater efficiency over costs.

MAGNUS Telephone Platform

Asterix Center full IP. We make all phone calls from this center, working with a complete CRM which allows us to administrate the agenda, appointments, quality and condition of bases as well as the group’s performance automatically.

We have a control board which allows us to watch the operator’s performance in real time in order to be aware of the training that may be needed and in this way, optimizing the daily tasks of our supervisors.

This platform has a 100% audio backup, giving the chance to our supervisors and clients of monitoring the job of our operators.

The distinguishing element of our platform is possessing predictive and progressive dialing so our operator do not have to dial on the phone because it is the software which performs and assigns the calls. This allows a perfect control over the bases and also assignment according to standards (100% random, in order, by fee, etc.) which produces a significant increase on the quantity of calls processed by the operator.

Geographical Coverage

We have worked in every Latin American country and the Caribbean (Spanish, Portuguese, and English) as well as Spain and Portugal. Through our IP Telephone, which gives excellent costs no matter distance, we can provide our phone survey services to any Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking destination. We normally work in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Mexico.

Total Control over your studies.

In Latam Research Group, we are aware of the implication of trusting a mediator for a crucial part of market research as it is the scope of application. That is why we make available for our clients every means of communication to wholly supervise the realization of their campaigns. Moreover, we will make everything possible to be in permanent contact with your company to report the states of realization.

Telephone Fields Supervision.

We make available for our clients every option of remote monitoring that our CATI platform has. You will be able to access the audio interviews as well as the progress of your campaigns, use and efficiency of data bases, among other indicators.

We also possess cameras connected to internet which are available for you to monitor operators working on your studies.