F2F In-person Field

With more than 20 years in the market research industry, managers at Latam Research Group have a vast experience in in-person fields in Argentina and Paraguay, coordinating them through their associates throughout Latin America.

All of our jobs have a responsible coordinator in each team as well as permanent in situ and telephone supervision of the 20% of performed interviews. We provide our clients with daily reports on the progress and also control of quotas. In the case of 2F2 interviews, either domiciliary or coincidental, we make available data collection with tablets for our clients, so they could get daily advances. This system also ensures the correct application of filters and a logical paths by the interviewers.

Geographical Coverage for In-person Fields.

Argentina: We rely on our own equipment in the Metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, northeast and northwest area of Argentina.

Paraguay: Equipment all over the country.

Other countries of Latin America: With the assistance of our local associates, we conduct F2F Fields in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

Methodological Experience.

We normally conduct in-person studies with the following methodology:

1. F2F surveys in homes.
2. In-depth Interviews
3. Mystery Shopper.
4. Focus groups.

In every case, we have worked for the most diverse industries from editorials to automobile companies.