Online Surveys

With training in social media.

We have designed systems that take advantage of the rapid growth of social media by capturing interviewees and inviting them to participate in our studies. This allows us to reach millions of people of all ages throughout Latin America and the world.

How do we do it?

Using a wide variety of targeting and addressing options that this tool enables, we are able to reach hundreds of millions of social media users whose penetration is highly superior to the landline telephone. This huge amount of users allows segmentation via a wide variety of criteria beyond traditional ones (gender, age, location):
  • Interests
    Affinity with brands, category usage, tourism habits, business trips, sports, hobbies and specific behaviors of consumption variables.
  • Gadgets
    Tablet, mobile phones and computers. We are able to filter through brand and model.
  • Geolocation
    We can filter all users from a specific country or just a small selection of them around 1 kilometer in specific coordinates (for example, users nearby supermarkets or paint shops)
  • Phases in the family lifecycle
    Young people, mothers with young children, senior citizens.

Benefits of this methodology for the use of traditional panels.


Studies with probabilistic samples obtained basing on rigorous criteria of randomization over millions of users.


We eliminate the sample bias by interviewee’s self-selection.


Possibility of reaching segments which otherwise would be impossible to find with traditional methods.


In different levels

Públicos activos en Redes Sociales de 16 a 65+

Entire Country

For instance, the totality of Honduras.


In any country, for instance Antioquia, Colombia.

City/Town + Metropolitan Area.

For example, Curitiba and its surroundings.


For example, Cipolleti, Argentina.

Places from 10/15 thousand inhabitants.


For example, Northern Area of Santiago de Chile.

Trade área.

For example, 1 kilometer around a specific spot in the City of Panama.


Whatever it may be, any country.

It allows interviewing people who have been in a city/country different from the habitual residential place.


Any country.

It allows interviewing people from different nationalities who are currently living in a country different from their hometown.

IP Verification

The first stage of quality control is over the advanced systems that social media provide to make sure that invitations reach genuine users, with frequent (and human) activity. This means that we rely on the most sophisticated technology used worldwide to make sure that only one person can access to the surveys. It also important to point out that invitations are sent in a direct and confidential way. They reach the public in an unexpected, individual and random way.

Additionally, once we accomplish the interviewee’s entry to the surveys, we add the next control elements:


Verificación de IPs. This must coincide with the work location.


IPs blocking. Each IP can answer once and then it is blocked.


Duplicated emails.


Duplicated data and interviewing control.


Verification on speed progress and questionnaire, eliminating the ones who are out of the environment of trust


Inner consistency analysis.


In Public opinion Electoral polls, we apply specific and confidential protocols that avoid troll attacks.

Why do potential interviewees trust in Latam and participate in our studies?

Thanks to the dynamic proposed in social media by Latam Research, we were able to place ourselves in a serious and trustworthy platform, which provide incentives to the ones who participate in our studies. Our team works day by day answering each of the different enquires and comments from the participants of the surveys with the aim of accomplishing trust and transparency in every activity. Today, more than one million and a half people reach our publications, with thousands of complete surveys and incentives delivered, we aspire to become a reference at this methodology.

Why conducting an online service with us?

Because we have a highly trained team with a lot of experience in social media. We take care of the whole process, from programming the survey, designing attractive graphic pieces, the application of segmentation criteria; daily control of progress and fees, and the management of incentives deliveries and administration of raffles. It is important to say that our services and the success of this methodology are not limited to the processes mentioned above, they also cover a mayor and more complex management that require monitoring, moderating and answering participants’ comments. The dissemination of incentives and online raffles hold a lot of expectation in the participants. They do not hesitate to complain in social media if any of the processes are not very clear. Having a team which provides immediate answers is paramount to generate the necessary confidence in the participants.

Benefits for your enterprise

Benefit 01

Your market studies will rely on staff specialized in social media without employing your own staff. Our team is responsible and committed with each of the thousands of participants of our services and raffles. They answer user’s questions promoting a pleasant atmosphere in the comments.

Benefit 02

Your market studies will have permanent monitoring according to comments related with each study. Social media do not stop. Our team is constantly checking the entries from each comment.

Benefit 03

Your brand image is preserved from any negative comment referring to different aspects of the study or possible conflicts with raffle prizes. It is normal that negative comments about the veracity of delivering prizes become public, they spread quickly in social networks.